Laying Patterns and Special Finish


Basalt sandblasted Portuguese Basalt – various Basalt 3 finishes… Read More

Aged Perlina

The Telegraph Garden project by Andy Sturgeon at Chelsea Flower Show 2016, featured the… Read More


A perfect finish for exterior floors. Bahia-Fossil-flamed-tumbled-20x10x3cm Bahia-Fossil-flamed-tumbled-20x10x3cm… Read More

Mirabelle Brushed

The ideal finish for this stone, highlighting its natural beauty. Mirabelle-Dark-600x600x15-brushed Mirabelle-Dark-600x600x15-brushed Mirabelle-Dark-600x600x15-brushed… Read More

Limestone Torres Blue

Belgian style in Roman pattern. We also do other patterns and styles – English, Turkish, Belgian, French, American, etc. Read More

Limestone Relvinha

Similar to Moca Cream Fine Grain. Brushed+Rounded finish in Roman pattern. We also do other patterns and styles – English,… Read More

Limestone Moleanos Mix

Portuguese limestone Moleanos, also known as Gascogne outside Portugal. Floor tiles English style in Jumbo pattern. We also do other… Read More

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