Chelsea Flower Show 2016 – Stone Supplier for “Best Show Garden”

Plurimarmores was once again invited to collaborate in RHS’ Chelsea Flower Show, the most renowned landscape and garden show in the World – this year with 2 Gold Medals, one being the “Best Show Garden”.


Andy Sturgeon FSGD created a design for his Telegraph Show Garden to represent an unconventional theme – that of a snapshot within wider geological events that have manipulated the landscape over time.

The client and builder was and the landscape designer in charge was Andy Sturgeon, a designer that already asked us in the past for the manufacturing of another project in 2007 that also won gold.

This was a project that deserved all our attention, from the stone selection to the finish of the stones everything was selected and tested before shipment.

The selected stone was Portuguese limestone Perlina, hand picked by the designer, a complex and elaborate design with many details and with pieces of stone of up to 1500kg.

The finish of the stone Islands was something we created based in Andy Sturgeon ideas and with some trial and error and keeping a kind of natural look we got to a finish that completely fitted in the rest of the project, from the magnificent flower selection to other elements like metal fins and big fossil boulders. The stone used was Perlina, a Portuguese limestone with fossil details with a light beige colour, and there was 2 different finish in this project, a more traditional rough honed in the Stone bridges, steps and walls, where the light honed was abrasive enough for Princess Anne to walk safely.

Princess Anne of United Kingdom







Andy Sturgeon and Prince Harry

The stone islands had a different finish something new to us and to everyone, the desired look was to be rough and kind of random and with some natural variation as stone is as well, we were delighted to see Prince Harry commenting with Andy Sturgeon that he would give a 10 out of 10.

Andy_sturgeon029 Andy_sturgeon031

We couldn’t be more proud to participate in this show, to supply the stone for the “Best Show Garden” and to add another medal to our awards, a appreciation that we are doing our best and that our customers and partners trust in us for this high level projects.

Andy_sturgeon032Andy_sturgeon033 Andy_sturgeon034 Andy_sturgeon035 Andy_sturgeon037 Andy_sturgeon038 Andy_sturgeon002 Andy_sturgeon003 Andy_sturgeon004 Andy_sturgeon005 Andy_sturgeon006 Andy_sturgeon008 Andy_sturgeon010 Andy_sturgeon011 Andy_sturgeon012 Andy_sturgeon013 Andy_sturgeon015 Andy_sturgeon017 Andy_sturgeon018 Andy_sturgeon019 Andy_sturgeon020 Andy_sturgeon022 Andy_sturgeon023 Andy_sturgeon024 Andy_sturgeon025 Andy_sturgeon026


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