Marble Carrara at Chelsea Flower Show 2015

Chelsea Flower Show 2015 – project in italian marble Carrara, winner of Silver Medal.

The Chelsea Flower Show is an annual exhibition about gardens and gardening, conducted by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS”) on the grounds of Chelsea Royal Hospital in Chelsea, London England. It is the most famous flower show of its kind in the UK and perhaps the most important in the world. The biggest attractions are the exhibition gardens and floral arrangements.

Again we are rewarded with a medal, this year Silver.

From the selection of italian marble Carrara, millimetre cutting, sealing, handling, packaging, all with the utmost rigour and quality, as is the hallmark of Plurimármores.

Landscape design by Kamelia Bin Zaal, built by The Outdoor Room; photos & video from RHS and Plurimármores.

Marble Carrara Chelsea Flower Show 2015


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